• All sales are final. No refunds. We will not make the grillz until the total balance is paid in full. Please be specific and clear with your design. If your design is not clear it will just delay the process and possibly be an automatic cancellation. We are not responsible if the grillz didn't come out the way you imagine because we only follow the design that was shown on the chart and design descriptions. We are not responsible for any fitting problem since all molding was not done by a Gold Grillz Miami Jewelry representative. All molding was done by either the customer or someone assisting the customer. We are also not responsible for any shipping problems. Gold Grillz Miami is not responsible if your order was lost or stolen or damage during the delivery process. If the molding was damage during delivery then the customer will be contacted as soon as possible and the customer will have to purchase another molding kit and send it back to Gold Grillz Miami so we can process the order. Gold Grillz Miami holds no responsibility to any problems or damages to customer’s teeth or mouth regions. Any physically damage or injuries happens to customers when wearing the grillz is not the responsibility of Gold Grillz Miami. Gold Grillz Miami is not responsible for any allergic reaction that a customer has. It is a customer’s responsibility to know if they have any metal allergies related to gold, silver, or any metal alloys. The customer has no right to sue Gold Grillz Miami based on all that is written above. Any re-sizing or repairs for grillz is available in stores.

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